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Abu Dhabi Office

  • Main Office: Office G24 & G25, Plot 7A1, Near ICAD-1, Al Mua’hid Street, Mussafah M41, Abu Dhabi, UAE. P.O.Box:92044,
    Al Markaz Base: SU03 Al Markaz Industrial, Al Waha Land, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
  • +971 25503304
  • info.uae@tigerrentals.com

KSA Office

  • Main Office: Al-Saeed Business Tower, Ground Floor, Unit No.1, King Fahad Ibl Abdul Aziz Road, Ar Rakah Al Janubiyah, Khobar -Dammam Highway, Al Khobar 34227-2420, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. P. O. Box: 6455,
    Yard: Old Abqaiq Rd, Dhahran 34515 – 2907, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • +966 554966855
  • enyer.mata@tigerrentals.com

Bahrain Office

  • Main Office: Flat 25, Building 976, Road 3017, Block 330, Bughazal – Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • +973 17704029
    +966 554966855
  • enyer.mata@tigerrentals.com

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